“Books broaden your horizons and help you grow.” – Bogdan Brunon Wenta


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I like fact-based books. A little history and a little action, sensation is what makes the story special and brings the true value to the book. And this is what Shantaram is like. Everything related to historical events, facts, interests me. In this book, apart from its factual part, we have an thought-provoking assessment of the situation. It is an adventure novel/travelogue set in India. In Shantaram, the book’s author tells his own story – a story of a man, who escaped from an Australian prison to India, where he lived and worked first as a doctor and later became a Mafioso.

Books broaden your horizons and help you grow. I am a fan of books in their traditional, paper form. When you read, you hold in your hands something more than just an object. Those who read a lot will understand perfectly what I mean. Today we are striving for digitization, moving everything to cyberspace, Internet, but for me a traditional paper book still has a great value. It can be engraved in your memory and last for many, many years. After a long time it can remain as something of an exceptional value for us and for humanity. It can remain a part of our world.

Bogdan Brunon Wenta, Member of the European Parliament

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