“I cannot imagine spending one single day without reading.” – Emmanuel Maurel

MEP Emmanuel Maurel

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I cannot imagine spending one single day without reading. Be it in the train, between two meetings or late at night, I always find a moment to lose myself in a novel or in a collection of poems. It is essential.

I often have to promise myself not to set foot in a bookshop for at least two weeks; my house is already filled with too many piles of books waiting for me to read them.

But still, I give in. I enter with a precise idea for a book in my mind, then, eventually, I chose a second one (because of the author of course, or sometimes, because of the publisher, of the cover, of que paper quality, of its typography; because a book is a physical object that you can touch, that you can smell and in which you can scribble), and even, a third one. I put one back, pick up another, and if I do not read it immediately, I know it will soon be on one of the piles. It is alright: eventually, the book will call you.

Emmanuel Maurel, Member of the European Parliament

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