“A good bock is a discreet and generous mate who stands by you…” – Isabella Tovaglieri


MEP Tovaglieri Reading Oriana Fallaci
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“A good book is an irreplaceable travel companion for a person like me, always moving between my territory, North-Western Italy, and one headquarters of the European Parliament and another.

It is a discreet and generous mate who stands by you in silence, speaking to you only at the right moment and always giving you new emotions, previously unknown universes and different points of view that nourish the mind and broaden horizons.

Among the many books that have enriched me, I have chosen The Anger and the Pride, written by Oriana Fallaci in the aftermath of the attack on the Twin Towers, to warn Europe of the Islamic danger that threatens our Western civilization.

The book contains a message that is still very relevant today and a warning that I always keep in mind in my political activity.

For twenty years, in fact, a long trail of attacks continues to stain Europe with blood, reaping innocent victims, while Islam and its terrorist drifts take root in the suburbs of major European cities, threatening the values of our millennial civilization, in the silence of many institutions that tolerate or encourage this process, completely unable to govern the migration phenomenon.

Reading The Anger and the Pride we understand why we cannot remain inert and helpless spectators.

What is at stake is the future of Europe, the protection of our roots and, above all, the safeguarding of our political independence and freedom”.