“For me reading does really feel like a journey.” – Jerzy Buzek

MEP Jerzy Buzek

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Perhaps it’s a triviality but for me reading does really feel like a journey. Sometimes this journey is enchanting and passionate, sometimes dark and disturbing. Sometimes it’s like going to a neighbouring town on a sunny Sunday afternoon to take a walk along the familiar streets and corners; sometimes like a terribly long escapade to the most distant ends with countless turns on route. Either way, it is always difficult for me to come back from such a travel to the real world, to a mundane life. Indeed, if there was a bonus system rewarding every finished book it should be called “lives&more”. All my literary journeys are precious to me. I come back to the once read books, I grow with them. They are like wine, gain deeper taste, colour and … sense. And I reach out for young authors’ works like the one in the photograph. “Drach”, written by my compatriot from Silesia Szczepan Twardoch, echoed inside of me for days, or even weeks. And that is what we bookworms appreciate deeply! Get caught reading yourselves dear Friends!

Jerzy Buzek, Member of the European Parliament

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