Reading is cinema for the head! – FEP President Peter Kraus vom Cleff

Peter Kraus vom Cleff reading Colum McCann’s book Apeirogon. © All rights reserved

Even as a little boy, I loved to find a quiet, calm corner and immerse myself in a book. Books take us on journeys to other countries, other times, other people and other ways of thinking and perceiving. Reading is one of the best schools of empathy; reading comforts and inspires us to new ideas.

Colum McCann’s fantastic “Apeirogon” brought the Middle East conflict home to me in a sensitive, touching, deeply human and wise way.

A father of daughters myself, I understood the pain, but also the unconditional will of Rami and Bassam for reconciliation and for understanding each other’s views.

Peter Kraus vom Cleff is the President of the Federation of European Publishers.