Henrique Mota, FEP President, reading “unpublished good books”

©All Rights Arlindo Homem

As a publisher, I choose the high quality manuscripts that I could not publish; as a reader, I choose the books that were not published and therefore I could not consider in my choices.

Among the manuscripts I have to read as a professional publisher, I am forced to reject some very good editorial projects just because the market will not be able to absorb them and therefore they will not be economically viable.

In most cases, these books could have been published in the past, when we had a diversified network of bookshops, offering the possibility of books to find their readers and readers to find their books; and when readers were not compelled to concentrate their choices in mainstream, the available offer in most shops.

My choice for non-published manuscripts is a call of attention in favor of the publishing ecosystem, is an alert for the need of public policies in order to protect cultural diversity, new authors and wide availability of contents to readers, is an act of solidarity with the authors and readers of these non-published books.

Henrique Mota, President of the Federation of European Publishers

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