I simply love reading books, says Katarina Neved’alová, MEP

MEP Katarina Nevedalova 2I simply love reading books. Almost any 🙂 When I was a child my parents had to prohibit me reading because I could spend hours over the book and forgot all my duties. Sometimes, they caught me in the middle of the night hiding myself under the blanket with a flashlight as I couldn’t stop reading, says Ms Katarina Neved’alová, Member of the European Parliament.

I could read 10 books in a week. Addicted. Now I take them along for my travels to shorten the time and find some new inspiration. My most favourite are romantic novels which proved to me that you can always fight destiny if you try hard enough. But some of my most favourite books are Tolkien’s saga of the Lord of the Rings and also Rowling’s Harry Potter. These books were able to change the generations and bring them back to books, and the wonderful stories in them made the readers dream. And that is also one of the greatest values of books: They help you escape reality to the place where everything is possible. I also like to read new young fresh authors, also from Slovakia, for three reasons: Fistly, their books are fresh and show the different approach of new generation and their understanding of reality, so by reading them you can understand their views; secondly, because by purchasing the book, you financially support the author; and finally, because by reading such books you know what people are discussing.
Books are great friends; they can teach you, entertain you, make you laugh, make you cry, and… they never complain, added Ms Neved’alová.

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